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Wholesale Financial Markets

For more than a decade, banks have been trading financial instruments among each other via specialised inter-bank electronic platforms. Until recently, almost all trading with corporate and fund management clients was still done over the telephone. Banks and others are […]

TWIST – The Standards

TWIST delivers non-proprietary XML – based standards in the following areas: Wholesale financial market transaction processing Payments and Cash Management Billing of Bank Services Opening and Administration of Bank Accounts Financial Supply Chain (Ordering, Invoicing and Financing) The TWIST standards […]

Supply Chain

The standards development work undertaken by the Financial Supply Chain Working Group (i.e., FSCWG) will be split over two groups of activities: Group 1 – Purchase Order, Invoice and Remittance Group 2 – Working Capital Finance The activities in Group […]

Bank Mandate

Text for this section is coming soon, but the Standard is now available for download. 

Billing of Bank Services

The BSB standard was created at the request of a group of end users and providers, the International Bank Compensation Group (IBC). The TWIST standards organization is the host for the standards creation process and the owner/maintainer of the standard. […]