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Payment China 2008

April 16th -18th, 2008 Intercontinental Hotel Beijing, China – China’s payment industry are bound to face fierce competition, increased regulatory stress and the challenges from foreign banks and financial institutes after China’s banking sector opening in 2006. TWIST formally endorses┬áPayment […]

Understanding XML Notation

XML Notation Element Optional Element Recurring Element Sequence Connector Choice Connector Definition Using Complex Type Complex Type   XML Notation The diagrams are all illustrated with a set of symbols which are specific to a particular vendor’s implementation of schema […]

TWIST Identity Working Group (IDWG)

Summary The IDWG was established to deliver a framework enabling the implementation of secure and interoperable identity infrastructures. By identity infrastructures we mean occurrences of architecture, policies, operational and management activities, hardware and software, that cover the lifecycle of identities […]

Version 3.1 Standards Release

The current release of the TWIST Standards is Version 3.1. The Release Notes explain what is new in this Standards Release as compared to the previous version of the TWIST Standards.

Wholesale Financial Markets: Business Process

The TWIST messages can relate to a specific trade, or can convey more general information, such as deal statements, lists of trades, settlement confirmations and standard instructions. An exchange of messages is called a conversation. The Principle of a “Conversation” […]