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ISO BSB Electronic Billing Statement

Steve Weiland, Bob Blair and Paul Burstein presented the latest on the TWIST BSB, including the recasting of the BSB by ISO 20022 at the AFP Miami Conference. The global electronic billing statement, known as the “BSB,” is now an […]

SunTec Announces TWIST BSB Compliance

Trivandrum, March 09, 2009 –  SunTec Business Solutions, the leading provider of Relationship-based Pricing and Centralized Billing solutions, today announced that its flagship product for the financial services vertical – TBMS-F — is compliant with TWIST’s (Transaction Workflow Innovation Standards) […]

ISO 20022 Submission TWIST BSB standard

ISO 20022 Submission TWIST BSB standardTWIST has for some years proudly hosted the Global Electronic Bank Services Billing Standard (BSB). BSB is a standard intended for use by banks and their wholesale transaction services users. BSB facilitates a monthly electronic […]

IBC/TWIST BSB – Progress as of August 2008

A few months have passed since the last IBC/TWIST update on the implementation of the e-Invoicing TWIST Bank Service Billing, BSB, standard. Here is the latest news…

Intel calls AMQP Transport Protocol A New Way to Connect

The AMQP open protocol for the transport of messages, has obtained the active support from Intel. Where earlier Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Borse had joined the AMQP working group that already consisted of JPMorgan, RedHat, Cisco, TWIST and […]