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Wholesale Financial Markets: Business Process

The TWIST messages can relate to a specific trade, or can convey more general information, such as deal statements, lists of trades, settlement confirmations and standard instructions. An exchange of messages is called a conversation. The Principle of a “Conversation” […]

Wholesale Financial Markets: Specification

Applying new message standards for the wholesale trade lifecycle based on XML available over any network can bring the following benefits to all market participants: Reduced operational cost by increasing the level of STP Improved interoperability between market participants Universal […]

Payments: Specification

The TWIST Payments standards help to automate the processing by banks and corporates of commercial payments. The TWIST standards are identical to the ISO 20022 Payments standards, reflecting TWIST’s belief in globally applicable standards. At this time, thy cover: Credit […]

Supply Chain: Business Process

The business processes covered by TWIST standards so far are Collaborative Ordering Process Invoice and Dispute Remittance Advice These processes are key to effectively automating and managing the Financial Supply Chain. In addition, they help to close the gaps with […]

Supply Chain: Specification

Over the years, corporates have invested heavily in automating the Physical Supply Chain (i.e., the processes relating to the flow of goods in and out of a corporate). Recently, they have turned their attention to the Financial Supply Chain. These […]