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Understanding XML

XML, which stands for “ eXtensible Markup Language ” is a new information format which allows data portability – the ability for different computer systems to exchange data without the need for specially written file translation programmes or “interfaces.” The […]

Understanding TWIST Notation

TwistMessage messageHeader conversationIdentification conversation groups Parties   TwistMessage The root of a TWIST message is the element TwistMessage. TwistMessage is composed of four elements: messageHeader, conversationIdentification, a conversation element, and party. The message header is always present and is used […]

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Understanding XML Notation

XML Notation Element Optional Element Recurring Element Sequence Connector Choice Connector Definition Using Complex Type Complex Type   XML Notation The diagrams are all illustrated with a set of symbols which are specific to a particular vendor’s implementation of schema […]

TWIST Identity Working Group (IDWG)

Summary The IDWG was established to deliver a framework enabling the implementation of secure and interoperable identity infrastructures. By identity infrastructures we mean occurrences of architecture, policies, operational and management activities, hardware and software, that cover the lifecycle of identities […]