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TWIST – Standards Implementation

Ideas, requirements and specifications have no value without the delivery of commercial solutions. TWIST encourages adopting firms to share learnings and expose their solutions to a wider audience.

This part of the website will gradually be developed in 2006 alongside multiple pilots and implementations.


TWIST Process Innovations develops its standards in close collaboration with leading corporations, banks and enabling service providers. This ensures qualitative open standards that are perceived to meet a business objective and can be used by TWIST members as well as many others.

TWIST further works actively together with early implementers of its standards, thereby helping these organisations to identity the benefits of the standards applied and to implement in a manner as intended. This facilitates rapid corrections if required of any new standard and enables early implementations to be made in accordance with the Proposition and Specification of the relevant standards.

Early implementers of TWIST standards generally are members and or sponsors of TWIST Process Innovations ltd. Requirements for membership are outlined here. As could be expected from a neutral standard organisation that focuses on enabling market efficiencies, controlled processes and innovation via the adoption of open standards, TWIST does not work with its members on an exclusivity basis.

TWIST explicitly does not take any role as commercial service provider or otherwise as market participant. This means that TWIST does not take responsibility for any operational market activity or for any application of its standards.

Exposure of solutions

The open standards delivered by TWIST only deliver value when implemented. As stated, TWIST does not take part in any service offering itself but obviously has a keen interest in widespread adoption of its standards and the propagation of any TWIST enabled processes and service offerings.

In this part of the TWIST website providers of commercial services that are TWIST enabled, can expose their services and the relation to specific TWIST standards and their business proposition. This section, called “Adoption” will gradually be filled with content by existing TWIST sponsors and others that are willing to use the TWIST website as a vehicle for promoting their services in exchange for an advertisement fee to be paid to TWIST. TWIST is responsible for the structure of the content in this website, not for the content itself.

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