Accelerating Adoption

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February 21, 2006 – Tom Buschman introduced the Seminar by stating its objective to close the gap between agreeing on the relevance of standards and adopting them.

That means:

  • agree on pilots
  • discuss barriers to interoperability
  • agree on actions and follow-up

He pointed out that TWIST is a standards organisation aiming to close the gap between the physical and the financial supply chain. TWIST Standards address business process, content and structure of information flows and guidelines on how to implement them. TWIST is a unique organisation that brings together corporates, financial service providers and software solutions providers.

He then went on to give an overview of current TWIST standards and their implementation. The highlights were the Payments Kernel, the Bank Billing Standards and e–invoicing. More standards are in development (e.g., in the financial supply chain).

Additionally, as further recognition of TWIST as a fully established standards organisation, Tom explained that TWIST has now been accepted as a Category A liaison organisation of TC 68 (financial services).

Tom then concluded that TWIST is also playing a significant role in voicing the corporate community’s requirements and views on SEPA. The European Commission is indeed calling for common standards to be available to help realise SEPA. TWIST is responding to that call and has produced a White Paper on the subject.

The meeting was attended by 125 corporates, banks and solution providers who all contributed to panel discussions and action sessions to help close the gap between theory and action.

In an effort to offer as much information as possible concerning the Accelerating Adoption event, TWIST offers these four items – Presentation, minutes from the event, the IBS Journal feature on the event and a list of the organisations that attended. All can be downloaded by registered members. If you are not currently registered, go to the top right corner of this page click ‘register’ in the login box and follow the prompts.

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