Intel calls AMQP Transport Protocol A New Way to Connect

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The AMQP open protocol for the transport of messages, has obtained the active support from Intel. Where earlier Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Borse had joined the AMQP working group that already consisted of JPMorgan, RedHat, Cisco, TWIST and others, Intel took the plunge and behind the scenes tested the protocol in its laboratories.

Using RabbitMQ AMQP* from Rabbit Technologies Ltd, and Pantor FAST*, high volumes of OPRA market data feeds and ranges of 45nm Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® processors, AMQP handled message rates peaking at 5 million per second. In a white paper called “AMQP: A New Way to Connect” Intel published its finding and stated that “when extrapolated across all pre- and post trade messaging functions […] it is clear that AMQP is capable of handling most workloads – including intra and interbank, bank to corporate, and corporate to corporate.”

In the white paper Intel further explains the need for such a ubiquitous open message transport protocol and the value of AMQP. “Many new technologies have promised to revolutionise the world of financial services. Yet, unlike innovations that are either tied to the motivation of a particular vendor, or based on technologies originally developed for other industries, AMQP is a dedicated de facto standard. For banks, there are clear cost benefits to a system that eliminates the need for proprietary solutions. For corporates the benefits extend even further. With interest growing in peer-to-peer payments and e-invoicing over low cost networks, AMQP opens up a range of new possibilities for businesses operating in all sectors. Crucially, AMQP is capable of rivalling proven proprietary solutions. […] Like the internet, which quickly outgrew its academic origins, AMQP’s potential reaches far beyond the financial services industry. […] By taking advantage of the foundations laid by the internet in terms of ubiquity, acceptance, connectivity and communication, AMQP can provide a solid foundation for business messaging in a truly connected world.”

To read the white paper of Intel with its views on AMQP, please click here.


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