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“TWIST provides the corporate perspective on standards
development that has been missing in the past.”
Carlo Palmers, Manager, Standards Development, Payments and Treasury, SWIFT

“TWSIT will enable banks to integrate more effectively with the commercial and financial flows of their clients, enabling them to create greater value by providing timely and relevant information which currently may not be possible due to fragmentation of the financial supply chain.”
Naveed Sultan, Managing Director and Head of Cash Management EMEA, Citigroup Global Transaction Services

“TWIST isn’t just about indentifying standards, it’s about implementing a practical methodology and about creating a common roadmap that is driven by corporates, banks and vendors. Towards this, corporates need to be disciplined about adopting an open model and resist easy bank proprietary fixes.”

Paul Burstein, M.D., Operations Services Corporate Treasury, General Electric

“TWIST is the corporate answer to SWIFT but it is much broader because it addresses a more complex, multi-faceted supply chain.”

Sarah Jones, Director of Treasury EMEA, HP

“The time is now right for TWIST. For companies that have thousands of supply chain relationships, the question is: How do they all do business with each other? The answer is that the financial supply chain needs to catch up with the physical supply chain – and this mens standards.”

John Sculley, Chairman, IdenTrust

“Like IKEA, TWIST stands for simplicity, standardisation and cost-efficiency. What the industry needs is a ‘flat-packed’ approach to payment and othe rtransaction standards.”

Erik Oster Pedersen, MD Group Financial Risk Manager, IKEA Belgium

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