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As an interested participant in supply chain automation, you and your organisation are invited to join TWIST as a member or sponsor. Your involvement will not only help to ensure continued progress by the TWIST team, but will give you the opportunity to contribute to the development of solutions that will directly benefit you and your clients.

As you may know, since the beginning of 2007 TWIST has continued to be deeply involved in a number of design and implementation initiatives to enhance the automation of corporate financial supply chains.

While working as a not-for-profit organisation for the last few years, TWIST has achieved much to be proud of:

  • Ordering and Invoicing standards are harmonised with UBL V2, DTTN V1, SWIFT TSU, UN/CEFACT Cross Industry Invoice and FINVOICE V1.2
  • 2007 Payments standards upgraded in line with recent ISO developments in Direct Debits & Reporting
  • Billing of Bank Services standards have been implemented by Coca-Cola, Dell, GE, Nestle, PepsiCo, Porsche and 50 other multinationals with assistance from Barclays, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Den Danske, HSBC, KBC and Westpac
  • Processing FX, Loans & Deposits standards are harmonised with FpML and FIX with implementation at Reuters, Currenex and Travelex
  • The payments standards are now SEPA interoperable
  • A standards development pilot was run to trial a base set of bank account opening standards

These accomplishments were made possible with contributions from TWIST Sponsors. While a not-forprofit, TWIST does still have a modest operating budget. The majority of this budget pays for XML standard design specialists and a full-time programme director to oversee the development of each

standard in the working groups and to take on any specific projects/pilots.

TWIST’s efforts with major corporations, banks and service providers now makes it feasible to automate financial supply chains (corporations), reduce costs (corporations and banks) and offer innovative services that meet corporate user requirements (banks and service providers). By restructuring and increasing the TWIST membership and sponsorship base we will be able to continue to create value and deliver tangible benefits by meeting such goals as:

  • Provide user support for the accelerated implementation of standards for Billing of Bank Services
  • Provide user support for the implementation of corporate-to-bank payment standards
  • Contribute to the creation of ISO and UN/CEFACT standards for e-Invoicing, that can be the basis for the EU e-Invoicing solution and be used elsewhere
  • Upgrade existing Bank Mandate standards to include account opening, maintenance, closing, audit letters and designation and maintenance of signatories
  • Achieve interoperability between trust frameworks
  • Improve accessibility to standards on the TWIST website
  • Facilitate a corporate-driven focus in the implementation of SEPA and accelerate e-Invoicing in the EU and beyond

TWIST has always been an open and inclusive environment that welcomes anyone willing to contribute their ideas and efforts toward the goal of supply chain automation. With an estimated 90% of payments either generated by or received by corporations and the need for plug-and-play interfacing for any corporation irrespective of its size or geographical location, TWIST offers the only clear solution for supply chain automation at all levels.

The TWIST membership and sponsorship levels below are structured to engage and support those who are interested in motivating their corporate and SME clients to embrace the TWIST standards as a cost reducing and performance enhancing solution. The fees are set to be competitive with other similar organisations.

TWIST offers several ways that an organisation can participate in the development and adoption of TWIST Standards, dependent upon the level of involvement desired. For those interested in further details concerning the legal framework of the company, please consult: Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association.


Individuals as well as Legal Entities from the following constituencies can apply for TWIST Membership:

  • Corporates
  • Public Sector Organisations
  • Financial Services Providers (e.g., Banks and Non-bank Financial Institutions)
  • Solutions Providers (e.g., software vendors, consultancies)

Membership is subject to an annual Memerbship Fee of £150 for Individuals and of £1,500 for Legal Entities.

Membership entails signing up to the legal framework embodied in the TWIST Application Form, which is designed to ensure that the intellectual property developed by TWIST can be published as an open standard available to all. Please see above for links to relevant legal documents.

Membership can be applied for by submitting the following via e-mail to

  1. A signed Membership Agreement form TWIST Application Form, for acceptance by the TWIST Board of Directors, via fax to +44 20 7653 1399 or e-mail to or mail to Cheyne House, Crown Court, 62-63 Cheapside, London EC2V 6JP. Once approved, all new Members will be notified, and will be entered in the register of Members displayed on the TWIST website;
  2. A statement indicating an explicit commitment to the design, propagation and implementation of TWIST’s non-proprietary standards and a short description of how the applicant intends to contribute to the design, propagation and/or implementation of existing and/or future TWIST standards;
  3. A contact person who will act as focal point for TWIST in the applicant’s organisation and who will commit to be responsible for the contribution as outlined under item 2. The name of this person will be mentioned on the TWIST Members page. Name, position, email address and phone number of the person will be available to contact persons of other TWIST Members, but will not be displayed on the public website;
  4. A description of the applicant organisation and the organisation’s logo, which (if applicable) will be published on on the TWIST Members page or in other TWIST related marketing.

All membership applications are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

Organisations who want to deepen their involvement with TWIST and its community can apply for sponsorship, subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

At a minimum, sponsorship gives right to:

  • Participation in Pilots, Working Groups and User Groups
  • Five free registrations per TWIST Event in any given calender year covered by the sponsorship contract
  • Exhibition space and a publicity banner at every TWIST Event
  • Inclusion in the sponsroship pages on the TWIST Website and in TWIST Presentations
  • Publicity as TWIST Sponsor and usage of the TWIST Logo in company marketing materials
  • A complementary training day by TWIST

Organisations wishing to become a TWIST Sponsor may do so by submitting a letter application (Sponsorship Letter) for acceptance by the TWIST Board of Directors, via fax to +44 20 7653 1399 or e-mail to Once approved, new Sponsors will be contacted directly. Platinum and Gold sponsors are added to the TWIST website as soon as practicable after the sponsorship application has been approved.

Membership / Sponsorship OptionsParticipation in Working GroupsParticipation in Pilots or User GroupsAccess to TWIST EventsStand at TWIST EventPublicity by TWISTPublicity by Members and SponsorsTraining by TWIST
Individuals £150 per yearIf working closely with a corporate memberIf working closely with a corporate member1 free registration for annual TWIST eventNoInclusion in membership pages on TWIST WebsiteAs member can use reference to being "TWIST Member"No
Companies £1,500 per yearYesYes*1 free registration for annual TWIST event, additional registrations at a discountNoInclusion in membership pages on TWIST websiteAs member can use reference to being "TWIST Member"No
Event Sponsor £ 5,000 Per Event (includes £ 1,500 membership)YesYes, if introduced by corporate TWIST member3 free registrations per eventYes, at one event, with Sponsor covering cost of logisticsInclusion in membership pages on TWIST WebsiteAs member can use reference to being "TWIST Member"No
TWIST Sponsor £ 10,000 per year (includes £1,500 membership)YesYes3 free registrations per eventYes, at one event, with Sponsor covering cost of logistics Separate sponsor page on TWIST WebsiteReference to "TWIST Sponsor" + usage of TWIST Logo in marketing materials1 Day per year
TWIST Platinum Sponsor £25,000 per year (includes £1,500 membership)YesYes3 free registrations per event Yes, at every event, with Sponsor covering cost of logisticsSeparate sponsor page on website;
Featured article in newsletter;
Banner at TWIST events
Reference to "TWIST Platinum Sponsor" + usage of TWIST Logo in marketing materialsSpecific Project support

*Non corporate members: Yes, if introduced by a corporate member to the user group or pilot group.

TWIST Process Innovations Ltd. Cheyne House, Crown Court, 62-63 Cheapside, London EC2V 6JP* Non corporate members: Yes, if introduced by a corporate member to the user group or pilot group.

Main: +44 (0)70 1728 9478,

Registered in England and Wales with company number 05243735 Registered office: 5 Old Bailey, London EC4M 7BA

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